Our hotel looks back on a long tradition as an inn. The building has existed for over a century. During this time it has undergone several renovations and changes of use, but has always remained in family ownership. Today we are a successful, family-run hotel with attached restaurant and ice cream parlor.


In this small hotel chronicle we have recorded the most important key dates of our hotel history.

Around the turn of the century

In 1899, after a major fire, our house was rebuilt by Hermann Leineweber as an inn and butcher shop. The youngest son, Adam Leineweber, took over the business in 1918.

Since the 60s

Son-in-law Anton Stöber and daughter Luzia ran the butcher shop until 1960 and the restaurant until 1965. Both were rented to the then Consumer cooperative from 1965 to August 1990.

Resumption of the trade and expansion by the Keppler family.

In 1985 a butcher’s shop was built in the former barn by Hermann and Doris Keppler, née Stöber, which is now used as an ice cream parlor.

The restaurant was reopened after thorough renovation on 15.09. 1990 by the Keppler family. On 15.08.1992, after a reconstruction, the hotel could open as well. A cosmetic studio with solarium and infrared sauna, in which various treatment rooms and many offers invite you to pamper yourself, was opened on 01.07.1993 by the eldest daughter, Diana Keppler-Schmerbauch.

Opening of the courtyard garden & ice cream parlor

On 21.06.1994 the courtyard garden was opened with a celebration and the main building was thoroughly renovated. Easter 2000 we opened the ice cream parlor, where we offer delicious ice cream from our own production and homemade cakes during the season. Since 2007, our daughters Diana Keppler-Schmerbauch and Ina Göbel have continued the tradition-rich business. Diana Keppler-Schmerbauch looks after the beauty and wellness area in the spa villa opposite. Ina Göbel, a trained hotel manager, cook and business economist, is responsible for the entire catering and hotel business.

Modifications, renovations, extensions

In the winter months of 2009, Ina Göbel completely renovated the festival hall. It invites to many cozy and festive occasions. For the start of the ice cream season 2010, the ice cream parlor was renovated and invites since then in modern colors and ambience to stay. In November 2012, Diana Keppler-Schmerbauch opened the Spa Villa in the half-timbered building opposite. The rooms in the house that had become empty as a result were renovated by Ina Göbel in 2013. Two hotel rooms and a breakfast area were created there, which extends over 2 floors. In 2015 to 2017, the hotel rooms were renovated, new bathrooms and an individually furnished sleeping area were created. The

guest room and wine bar were also renovated in 2015 to celebrate the opening 25 years ago. The hunter’s room has been renovated in August 2019, there was created a fireplace parlor, which provides the right ambience for smaller parties or romantic evenings.