“Dinner for One” dinner show

Show 2025

The dinner show “Dinner for one” will take place on 10.01.2025.

Admission is at 18:00. The tickets are available in our house or we will send them to you.

The ticket price of 89,- € includes:

  • Dinner show
  • Welcome drink
  • 4-course menu

Hotel Keppler´s Ecke - Dinner-Show "Dinner for One"

Dinner (thriller) for One

A butler, a lady, lots of alcohol and a tiger skin. That’s the cult classic “Dinner for One”.

We show the young birthday guests of Mrs. Sophie’s cult classic sketch. They are unable to attend the 90th birthday – they have unfortunately already passed away and are therefore unable to attend for good reason. Nevertheless, their esprit and charm can still be felt. We bring them back to life. We show you in the time of your youth, in the heat of love. We reveal the connections. Who owns the estate, why are there three deaths in one afternoon?

Until this grotesque comes to an end, we are witness to the quips and dry English humor, which meets the very wet weather conditions and ends up in the very wet and cheerful sketch scene. A delightful evening, under the sign of Her Majesty and other gentlemen in England after the First World War.

Be a guest at Mrs. Sophie’s 90th birthday – CHEERS!

We look forward to seeing you and to a great evening with the new dinner show!

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