Welcome to the hotel “Keppler’s Ecke”, we wish you a pleasant stay.

If you have any wish, please contact us with confidence: TEL: 200


If a mishap should happen to you, please contact us.

Please also let us know if something is wrong in the house or in the room. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.


From A-Z everything important for our guests:


Airport                                the nearest airport is in Erfurt or Paderborn

Arrival                                  from 2 pm the hotel rooms are at your disposal



Baby crib                             we provide for a fee of 10,- € per day

Banks                                   the nearest bank is in Leinefelde (8 km) or in Heiligenstadt (9 km) away

Bicycle                                 You can store your own bicycles in the courtyard garden. You can also rent bicycles from us for a fee of 15,- € per day. Or you can rent electric bikes in Leinefelde at EIC-Bike (TEL: 03605/510058).

Bicycle routes                   a bicycle route map you receive at the reception

Books                                   in the upper breakfast room is our library. You are welcome to borrow books.

Bowling                               alley a bowling alley is located next door. Appointments can be made at the    reception

Breakfast                            the breakfast room is located on the 1st floor

Breakfast hours: Monday-Friday 6.30-10.00 am

Saturday-Sunday 8.00-10.00 am

Bus stop                              is located 150 m from the hotel



Carriage rides                   we will gladly organize a carriage ride for you

Children’s playground   a playground is located in our courtyard garden, in the village there are other playgrounds (information at the reception TEL: 200)

Church Service                 Please refer to the church bulletin board for service times.

Cigarettes                          A cigarette vending machine is located at the corner of our house.

Cinema                                The nearest cinema is in Duderstadt (25 km), Mühlhausen (30 km), Göttingen (35 km).

Coffee & cake                  you can get during the season in our ice cream cafe
Conferences                     we have individual conference rooms, please inform yourself at our reception

Cosmetics                          In the Spavilla (across from us) you can really pamper yourself. Appointments under: 03605/501234

Courtyard garden           When the weather is nice our courtyard garden with lounge is open from 12 pm (Monday day off).

Credit cards                       We accept the following credit cards: Eurocard, EC card, Visa, Mastercard



Departure                          We ask you to vacate your room by 11 am at the latest. For a later check out we charge a day room.

Dinner                                 from 5 pm in our restaurant on the first floor

Dogs                                     are welcome in our house. This is possible in two rooms with us, extra charge per night 10, – €. Please understand that your dog is not welcome in the breakfast room.

Dry cleaning                      We will gladly take your laundry to the dry cleaners.



Emergency service         rescue center: 110 (dial 0 first)

Medical emergency service: 116 117

Entrance                             Your room key fits to the side entrance from the main street side.

Environment                     We try to work in an environmentally friendly way. Help us to keep the environment clean. If you want a towel change, throw your towel on the floor. Towel on the holder, means “I think about the environment” and keep using it.

Excursions                          Current information is available from our staff in the restaurant or at the reception. There is information material in the upstairs breakfast room.

External                              extension: with the 0 you can call outside



Faxes                                   can be sent at the reception desk

Fire alarm                           please pay attention to the corresponding instructions, which are written on the door of your room.

                Keep calm, help children and elderly guests. Fire extinguishers are clearly visible in the hallways.

Flowers                               You can order flowers for any occasion one day in advance.



Games                                 Various board games are in our library in the upper breakfast room.

Gas station                        in Heiligenstadt (7 km) or Leinefelde (7 km)

Guest questionnaire     Your opinion is important to us! Please take a few minutes to fill out our guest questionnaires.



Hairdresser                        is located diagonally across from the hotel.

Hotel reception               Our reception is available 24 h by phone (TEL: 200). The reception is occupied during breakfast hours. During restaurant hours the staff will be happy to help you.



Ice cream cafe                 our ice cream cafe is open during the season (March-October) daily from 2 pm (Monday: day off)

Information                       you can get at our reception (TEL: 200)

Internet                              we offer you free internet access via our W-Lan network,
W-Lan: Kepplers Ecke
Password: wingerode


Laundry                               gladly wash and iron your clothes

shirt, blouse, trousers: 3,- € per piece

T-shirt, underwear: 1,50 € per piece



Mailbox                             we will be happy to receive your mail at the reception desk and post it for you.

Massages                           In the Spavilla (across from us) you can let yourself be pampered. Appointments under: 03605/501234

Morning mail                    is available for you daily at the reception and informs you about current topics of the day, news, weather and tips for excursions and leisure time activities.

Museum                             Information is available at the reception desk or at the information corner in the upper breakfast room.



Newspaper                       the current newspaper is available at the reception desk



Packed lunch                    Please order a packed lunch one day in advance (price: 7,50 €)

Parking spaces                 are available free of charge opposite the hotel

Payment                             The payment of your hotel bill will be made on the day of departure in cash, by EC- or credit card at the reception desk.

Photocopies                      are available at the reception (0,20 € per page)

Picnic basket                     on request we pack a picnic basket for you (10,- € per person) Order on the day before possible.

Pillow                                   for another pillow contact the reception (TEL: 200)



Registration                       form these are required by law and must be filled out at check-in

Restaurant                         Our restaurant is located on the first floor.

Opening hours daily (Monday day off)

12.00-14.00 pm, 17.00-22.00 pm

Room service                    We serve our meals and drinks also to your room. (TEL: 200)



Sauna                                   In the Spavilla (across from us) you can really pamper yourself. Appointments under: 03605/501234

Sewing kit                          is available at the reception (TEL: 200)

Spa & Wellness                In the Spavilla (across from us) you can really pamper yourself. Appointments under: 03605/501234

Spare key                           You can get a spare key at the reception desk.

Stamps                                are available at the reception desk

Swimming pools              are located in Leinefelde (8 km) the „Leinebad“ and in Heiligenstadt (9 km) the „Vitalbad“.



Taxi                                       We can reserve for you. (TEL: 200)

Telephone                         exchange line for calling, dial 0

Trabant                               you can rent our Trabant during the season (March-October), day trip 90,- € (70 km), Info’s Tel: 200

Traffic department         office is located in Heiligenstadt

Train station                      A train station is located 400 m from the hotel.



Valuables                           You can leave your valuables at the reception desk.

Voucher                              Treat your loved ones to something nice, a little time out in our house. You can find the different arrangements at the reception.



Wellness                             In the Spavilla (across from us) you can really pamper yourself. Appointments under: 03605/501234